So Flo Mn Vikings Fans

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Welcome to one of the Minnesota Vikings Fan Clubs of Florida.
We are located in Southeast Florida,
You living in South Florida? Or just visiting South Florida?
Looking for a place to watch and cheer on our beloved Minnesota Vikings with other Vikings fans?
Please join our fan club.
Please check us out on Facebook and become a member.
We are an exclusive fan club for those that follow the Minnesota Vikings.
We will be at:

**Brew Fish Bar and Grill
200 E. McNab Rd.
Pompano Beach, FL33060
In back part of bar and grill.
 We will be there on game days to watch, cheer on, and talk Vikings Football.
Good friends, good food, great games.
We sing the SKOL! VIKINGS! song after every TD the Vikings score.
Group photo at halftime.
The camaraderie brings out the best in all of us, win or lose.
**During the season, make sure to check out our weekly Watch Party event for any changes in game times or venue locations on our Facebook page,

new schedule out in May 2024  

  • Brew Fish Bar and Grill
  • 200 E. McNab Rd Pompano Beach, FL 33060

If you need, or like, to contact the Brew Fish Bar and Grill at 954-440-3347 Or you can just leave a message on this site or go to our Facebook page and leave a message.