Season 2021-2022.. Due to this Coronavirus (COVID-19), events may be changed. We know now that there will be a full season with very few fans, if any, in stadiums. Since Tailgators will have limited seating this season, due to the Covid, we urge fans coming to get there earlier to assure yourself a seat, otherwise you will have to sit wherever there will be an empty seat, if any.
We will need to try and social distance, wear our makes when not eating .Just follow the guidelines given us.
We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy so we will be able to see everyone, very soon, again. Hope everyone will get their Covid vaccines so all od=f us can live and be safer.
THANK YOU, to all the health care workers, emergency workers, and everyone who has to work at getting this country back to normal. We have a few people in our group that are in the above group. Thank You and be careful and safe so we can see you again.